A breakdown led to the opening of the kitesurf school in Wirral

A man who gave up his high-pressure job after suffering depression and depression later set up a kitesurfing school in Wirral.

For 13 years, Adam Crouch worked managing construction projects in London – a dangerous job that involved demolishing buildings, strict health and safety guidelines and tight deadlines.

The high-pressure role, including an incident that nearly led to the death of himself and two other colleagues, ultimately culminated in depression and depression.

Adam decided to take three months off to kitesurf, taking him to places like South Africa, Kenya and Spain.

He trained as a kitesurfing instructor and spent the summer of 2019 in Greece teaching people the sport – falling in love with the kitesurfing life and vowing never to return to high-speed racing.

Adam Crouch (left) on a kitesurfing trip that took him to South Africa, Kenya and Spain. Photo courtesy of Adam Crouch

While kitesurfing in South Africa in early 2020 the Covid pandemic started, so Adam returned home, but within two weeks of the lockdown returning, plunging him into depression again.

As soon as the confinement was lifted, he decided to look for a potential base for kitesurfing and teaching in Wirral.

After falling in love with New Brighton, Adam set up Northern Kites in Wallasey Beach and an online watersports store.

Globe Wirral:

crouching adam

Adam, 34, said: “Over 13 years of work, coupled with the hectic lifestyle of living in London, took a huge toll on my mental health, leading to depression and depression.

“While on a kitesurfing vacation to improve my health, I decided to put my leave back to work.

“Early this past week there was an incident that nearly killed myself and two other workers. It was the last sign and I knew I had to go.

Globe Wirral:

crouching adam

“After being so free, the confinement was very difficult for me. As soon as we were allowed out, I headed to Wirral to see where it was possible to kitesurf.

“I found an amazing community of kitesurfers, but there was no kite school. Word spread that I was an instructor and the demand for lessons skyrocketed.

“This was the start of Northern Kites in the summer of 2020.”

Northern Kites offers introductory sessions for those who want to learn, with countless five star reviews and one of the highest rated school in the North.

Adam continued: “I’ve really found my home here in the North West doing what I love and it’s amazing to see so many people involved in kitesurfing.

“Kitesurfing is really good for mental health, as well as fitness, getting out into nature and the social aspect of it.

“The scene here at Wirral is growing massively and we are planning lots of community events and kitesurfing competitions. We also have a new watersports club being developed at the West Cheshire Sailing Club site.”

He continued: “Honestly, I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t pursued my kitesurfing dream.

“The truth is that I would probably have died from the pressure and stress of my old career.

“I was in a very dark place and had bad thoughts, but now I’m much happier and want to show others the mental health benefits of getting out on the water.”

Wirral’s watersports scene is growing at a blistering pace – with an ever-growing community of sailors, kitesurfers, surfers, stand-up paddlers, kayakers, cold-water swimmers and more. Adam is a key part of this growth and is part of a newly formed committee at the West Cheshire Sailing Club to help develop it as a water sports centre.

Adam’s Northern Kites is based on Coastal Drive in New Brighton and offers taster sessions, lesson packages and has a watersports shop to get all the gear you need to get out there independently. Anyone interested in trying kiteboarding can contact Northern Kites through their website or social media pages.

For more details visit https://northernkites.co.uk/