Wax is often used to help you stick to your skimboard when riding flat or waves. There are specific techniques for waxing a skimboard so that it sticks to your board, and so do you. The surface of a skimboard is slippery, which is great for the side in contactRead More →

Learn to skimboard with a step-by-step tutorial that will quickly help you master skimboard on waves and flatlands. “I don’t need to learn to skimboard – it’s easy, just run and jump straight…” I hear a lot of people say this before even trying to skim. “Okay, go ahead andRead More →

My name is André Klein Martins. I have developed a PC kitesurfing game called “Kiteboarding Pro”. I am a sworn translator, former IKO kitesurf instructor, and game development has been a hobby for many years. When I first started kitesurfing I wanted to play a game of kite but thereRead More →