Kitesurfing is one of the most popular adventure water sports. It’s easy to see why it’s so appealing: it gives more freedom compared to other sports and it’s perfect for those who want to experience more adrenaline. It’s also the perfect activity for travelers, as there are incredibly fantastic kitesurfingRead More →

Tom Deighan For those of you unfamiliar with the sport of kitesurfing, just imagine balancing a slippery board above choppy waves while strapped to a giant kite in a windstorm. The best kitesurfing occurs when winds exceed 20 MPH, when most sailboats have headed into port, and kitesurfers regularly masterRead More →

Enjoy a kitesurf session at ICONSIAM published on: April 21, 2022 at 04:00 A family enjoys kite surfing at the ICONSIAM summer playground. (Photo: Arnun Chonmahatrakool) This is the last chance for adults and kids to enjoy kite surfing at ICONSIAM Summer Kite Playground 2022 which runs from 4-8pm untilRead More →

April 16, 2022 | 05:10 IST National kitesurfing decor and c’ship Team Herald MANDREM: Reigning national kitesurfing champion Varun Narayanan was one of the first of ten kitesurfers to register at the end of the first day of registration for the inaugural National Kitesurfing and Ranking Championships held in MandremRead More →

Hardly anything can match the experience of freedom you will experience as you harness the power of the wind and soar over beautifully sparkling water before being lifted into the air as you kitesurf. Flat water, waves, dreamy beaches, warm climates, perfect wind conditions and, of course, picturesque landscapes allRead More →

Kitesurfing is an extreme wind water sport, explains Irfan Virji What is kitesurfing? Irfan Virji explained MOMBASA, KENYA, October 28, 2021 / – Kitesurfing, also known as kitesurfing, is an extreme wind water sport, explains Irfan Virji. A large “kite” or parachute is held by a person who balances onRead More →

Current press releases Porsche starts kitesurfing A breath of fresh air with sponsorship partnerships Stuttgart. In addition to its long-standing sponsorship of tennis and golf, Porsche is to support the development of kitesurfing. From November, the sports car maker will sponsor the Red Bull King of the Air competition andRead More →

We are assertive in wind and kite surfing National Wind Surfer ÇaÄŸla Kubat and National Kite Surfer Bilge Öztürk participated in the 4th Izmir Gulf Festival, organized under the auspices of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, in cooperation with IMEAK Chamber of Shipping Izmir Branch, Arkas, Izdeniz, Izmir Marina, Turkish Sailing Federation,Read More →

The 2021 Hayling Island Kitesurfing Armada Festival was back with a new, bigger venue and more exciting music lineup than ever, led by ’90s band Dodgy, despite fears it would never return to its former glory. Read more Read more Love Actually movie star Thomas Broadie-Sangster calls in Old PortsmouthRead More →

My name is André Klein Martins. I have developed a PC kitesurfing game called “Kiteboarding Pro”. I am a sworn translator, former IKO kitesurf instructor, and game development has been a hobby for many years. When I first started kitesurfing I wanted to play a game of kite but thereRead More →

Organizer Peter Higgins and event director Andrew Ward are preparing for the Windslasher Festival 2021 on February 20-21. COVID-19 hasn’t put the brakes on the third annual Apex Windslasher Kitesurf Festival and this month’s Queensland Beach Volleyball Tour in Elliott Heads. Peter Higgins, organizer of the event, initially hoped thatRead More →

Many seaside towns in South Africa rely heavily on peak season to support them financially through the quieter winter months. This summer season was particularly important for the boating industry, which was already struggling to keep its head above water. On December 28, 2020, President Cyril Ramaphosa implemented the amendedRead More →

The Penghu Kitesurf 2020 invitational regatta started on November 14 (photo by Penghu Sailing Association) The Penghu Kitesurf 2020 invitational regatta started on November 14 (photo by Penghu Sailing Association) About sixty competitors took to the sea and sky in Penghu on Saturday, November 14, in winds of up toRead More →

Kitesurfing, also known as kitesurfing, is an adventure sport that combines aspects of wakeboarding, windsurfing, paragliding and sailing. A Dutchman, Gijsbertus Adrianus Panhuise, was credited with inventing kitesurfing for the first time in 1977. Considering India’s long coastline, it is a sport that has gained popularity in many parts ofRead More →

In the heart of the disputed Western Sahara, a former garrison town has become an unlikely tourist attraction after kitesurfers discovered that the windswept desert coast is perfect for their sport. In Dakhla, an Atlantic port city dotted with military buildings in the Moroccan-administered Western Sahara, swarms of kitesurfers nowRead More →

A man was airlifted to hospital after breaking his leg while kitesurfing past Storm Lorenzo. The incident occurred at Lady’s Island Lake in County Wexford this afternoon. Eyewitness Brendan Cooney told the Irish Mirror: “I work as a Senior Executive Scientist with the Environment and Marine Section of Wexford CountyRead More →

A firefighter who died in a horrific kitesurfing accident off the coast of Fife has been hailed as a valued colleague who has protected his community. Raymond Cheng, 42, was pronounced dead at the scene of the tragedy near Elijah on Wednesday. 2 Raymond Cheng died on kitesurfing WednesdayCredit: FacebookRead More →

Francesca Maini A brother and sister from East Kent will be among the competitors in the final leg of the 2019 Freestyle Kitesurfing National Championships in Ramsgate this month. Mattia and Francesca Maini, of Herne Bay, are promoted among the most exciting and upcoming kitesurfers in the industry. There areRead More →

Ramsgate Kitesurfing Championships Photo Brian Whitehead Ramsgate will host the final round of the British Freestyle Kitesurfing Championships this year. The event will take place on August 24th and 25th and follows on from the success of organizing the championships last year. It is sponsored by Active Ramsgate, a RamsgateRead More →

Laird Hamilton was one of the first watermen to test the kites developed by the Legaignoux brothers. This is how he lived the early years of kitesurfing. When kitesurfing was born, Laird John Zerfas was already an accomplished wave surfer. His stepfather, Bill Hamilton, was a phenomenal and highly respectedRead More →

Mike Waltze lives and breathes Hawaii. The surfer-filmmaker who directed “That First Glide” was one of the first surfers to take on Jaws and ride the waves using dynamic air kites. Waltze was born in Port Beach, California, but moved to Oahu, Hawaii when he was still young. He startedRead More →

Hawaiian water sports legends Robby Naish, Pete Cabrinha, and Don Montague share their personal stories in an audiobook filled with great music and a laid back vibe. Through never-before-seen interview recordings from the award-winning film “Chapter One – The Kiteboard Legacy Begins”, the three men talk about the evolution ofRead More →

Guinness World Records confirmed this. Nuno “Stru” Figueiredo has officially surfed the biggest kitesurfing wave in the world. On November 8, 2017, the kitesurfer from Porto, Portugal launched his kite in Praia do Norte, Nazaré, and sailed one of the most dangerous beach breaks on the planet. The wind wasRead More →

Kitesurfers discussed the judging guidelines that should score performance in wave kiteboarding competitions. The Kite Surf Pro (KSP) confirms that judges will track major elements such as commitment, degree of difficulty, innovative and progressive maneuvers, combination of major maneuvers, variety of maneuvers, speed, power and debit. Additionally, judges will alsoRead More →