Mark Zuckerberg shared footage from a recent wakeboarding excursion to Instagram Reels Saturday, featuring the clip of him sailing through the waves on Glass Animals’ “Heat Waves” – wow, Zuck, very meta indeed! Weaving in the boat’s wake throughout the clip, the Meta CEO captioned the post “Some Saturday turns.”Read More →

Photo credit, all images: Sicomin Epoxy Systems, Decathlon Sicomin Epoxy Systems (Châteauneuf les Martigues, France) announces its new collaboration with the sports equipment giant Decathlon (Lille, France). Sicomin will supply its GreenPoxy 33 resin to produce Decathlon’s new JIB and Block wakeboards which will be manufactured in Meditecthe specialist inRead More →

Chilling stuff! Thick-skinned athlete wakeboarding on glacier around ‘iceberg capital of the world’ in subzero temperatures Nikita Martyanov, 28, from Russia, traveled to the remote town of Ilulissat on the west coast of Greenland Creepy footage shows the daredevil surfing at high speed through the icy landscape Martyanov had toRead More →

Mike Dowdy rides Wake Superior A big part of being the best in the business is being dynamic. It’s about being versatile, creative and curious. One-turn static ponies – although they’re really good at winning – don’t move people. It is the pioneers, the travelers, the astronauts who do it.Read More →