Dakhla, the kitesurfing paradise in Morocco

Dakhla is known as the kitesurfing paradise. This peninsula in southern Morocco, off the Atlantic Ocean, has joined the list of the most popular spots to indulge in this trendy sport.

Ideally located on the Tropic of Cancer, at the same level as Hawaii and Puerto Rico, Dakhla promises its visitors a mild and pleasant climate all year round. Between the dunes of the Sahara and the waves of the Atlantic, the enclave is often defined by its climatic elements: wind, sand and sun, from which the site derives its advantages. Thanks to the shallow waters, kitesurfing has become the dominant activity and the peninsula is attracting more and more attention.

A real tourism boom

In the space of 10 years, Dakhla has experienced a real boom in tourism, going from 25,000 visitors in 2010 to 200,000 tourists expected This year. In addition, many celebrities are fans of the place, such as Barack Obama and Brad Pitt.

The peninsula is gradually being developed with different types of accommodation, with a glamping much appreciated offer. For a stay closer to nature, opt for a bungalow with a view of the lagoon. Otherwise, we will prefer bed and breakfasts or villas which are being built as we go, and whose aesthetic charm and silence offer a real haven of peace to visitors. Dakhla also has a nautical base which welcomes novices and experienced water sports enthusiasts, thanks to its growing reputation. The city also hosts a stage of the kitesurfing world cupvery famous and which attracts many visitors.

Kitesurfing but not only

Dakhla and its surroundings are made up of unique landscapes. Only 30 kilometers away is a huge white sandbank in the middle of a lagoon, which turns into an island at high tide, a rare phenomenon in the world! In addition, the Dakhla lagoon stretches for about 40 kilometers, a way to get lost or find yourself quickly. Whether you want to have fun or relax, Dakhla is the perfect destination!