Dubai’s beaches are perfect for kitesurfing, here’s everything you need to know

Water babies will love Dubai for its beautiful beaches. The long, unspoiled coastline is perfect for water sports novices and pros alike, offering a wide variety of beach activities. In Dubai, you can get your heart pumping while parasailing, jet skiing, surfing, paddle boarding and kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing is often considered Dubai’s most refreshing water activity. You will feel the adrenaline rush as you rely only on the wind. Kite surfing is available on the beautiful beaches of this desert. It is undoubtedly a top tourist attraction.

Planning a trip to Dubai but have no idea about kite surfing? Then you don’t have to worry because we’ll tell you all about kite surfing in Dubai.

Best kitesurf spots in Dubai for an adrenaline rush

Here are some of the best beaches for kitesurfing in Dubai:

1. Kite Beach

kite beach

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Dubai’s Umm Suqeim district is home to Kite Beach the city’s designated spot for kite surfing. The best kitesurfers in the world flock to this area. The luxurious Burj Al-Arab hotel is less than two kilometers from Kite Beach. Due to its exposure to thermal breezes, it is also a great option for beginners.

Kite Beach has a variety of high-quality amenities, including showers, changing rooms, beach umbrella and beach towel rentals, bathrooms, beach lounger rentals and private parking. In addition, training is available from the professionals at the Kitefly Club on Kite Beach, if you are interested in participating in this sport.

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2. Nessnass Beach for kitesurfing in Dubai

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Nessnass Beach, located just beyond the famous Sunset Mall, is another great spot for a day of kitesurfing in Dubai. Compared to Kite Beach, it’s bigger but busier due to the large number of visitors. Nessnass is visited by students learn and perfect their kitesurfing techniques. There is a cafe with shower and bathroom. In addition, the windy weather is practically identical to that of Kite Beach.

3. Jumeirah Beach

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Jumeirah Beach is a world famous destination for a wide variety of water sports. In other words, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dubai. If you get bored with kitesurfing on Jumeirah Beach, you can always try other water sports like paragliding or kayaking.

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When is the best time to kitesurf in Dubai?

The best time to kitesurf in Dubai is between the months of December and April. This is because this time of year has perfect wind conditions for this business. Moreover, the kitesurfing season in Dubai lasts for five months. In addition, the weather is also pleasant at this time of the year. Kitesurfing in Dubai is best in the afternoon. The evening brings calmer breezes, making the activity a bit more exciting.

Equipment required for kitesurfing in Dubai

To go kitesurfing in Dubai, you have to stock up on essential equipment. You can also rent the kit from the kitesurf clubs on the beaches. The price of the kit varies from equipment to equipment. The essential equipment needed is as follows:

1. Kite:

The kite is the most crucial piece of equipment you will need for this activity. However, the carrying capacity of the kite is proportional to the wind speed. Hybrids, arc-shaped ones, deltas, C-kites, etc. are just a few examples of different types.

2. Tips:

A board that you will stand on to steer the kite is essential. However, you can minimize the risk of injury by using a larger board. Therefore, beginners should choose one.

3. Harness:

There are two varieties: seat and waist. A seat belt is a good option for novice drivers. However, the next logical step is a waist harness, which will provide even more freedom of movement.

4. Safety leash:

Novices must wear a safety leash at all times. If the kite becomes unmanageable due to high winds, this will help you maintain your balance.

5. A helmet:

A helmet is essential for any nautical activity. Wearing a helmet will ensure your safety in the event of an accident.

6. Flotation vest:

You can avoid drowning and reduce the severity of any wave hits by wearing a flotation device.

7. Combination:

A wetsuit is essential for kitesurfing in cooler climates. It maintains a standard body temperature.

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If you like trying new things, go for the most extreme level of kite surfing. Although it can be exhilarating, remember that safety is your first responsibility. As a beginner, it is essential to be very attentive to the advice of your instructor if you want to have a good time kitesurfing. Experience the thrill of kitesurfing like never before as you ride the waves and master the art of kitesurfing in Dubai.

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