Earnse Bay Kitesurfing pleads for stolen wood

Earnse Bay Kitesurfing is asking the public to keep an eye out for £2,500 of stolen larch.

The wood had been specially cut for the surf hut. The CCTV at the rear of the property was also damaged.

Although it was only noticed over the weekend the wood had been taken, it is possible that it had been gone for four months.

“We don’t really go around the back unless we need wood,” said owner Chris Ainsbury.

“We can see that they damaged the golf course fence to get everything through the golf course.”

The CCTV to the rear of the property was damaged but he will check the memory cards and look at CCTV footage to the front.

The wood had once been used as a roof terrace and it was hoped that it could be used for this purpose again after receiving the appropriate planning permission.

The mail:

Earnse Bay Kitesurfing offers kitesurfing lessons to anyone interested in the area.

The former military tank driver has been kitesurfing since 2008.

Chris said: ‘I built a roof terrace with timber during Covid so my business could go on but the council enforcement officer came and told me to take it down.

After being explained they needed planning permission for the addition, the decking was taken down and put away out of sight.

Mr Ainsbury said: “I was planning to go through the planning this year.

“It cost me weeks of labor to build and dismantle and now to replace the whole thing would cost at least £4,500.”

The mail:

In a statement on social media, the company offered to reimburse anyone who carried out work with the stolen wood in exchange for information.

He said, “If anyone had any work done in their garden with it, I’ll refund your money for their name.”

If you have any information on the location of Larch you can contact Earnse Bay Kitesurfing on 07562 103409.

You can also search Earnse Bay Kitesurfing on Facebook and send a message.