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Organizer Peter Higgins and event director Andrew Ward are preparing for the Windslasher Festival 2021 on February 20-21.

COVID-19 hasn’t put the brakes on the third annual Apex Windslasher Kitesurf Festival and this month’s Queensland Beach Volleyball Tour in Elliott Heads.

Peter Higgins, organizer of the event, initially hoped that this year’s Windslasher would become a national event, a goal that has become impossible due to travel restrictions linked to COVID-19.

However, he was delighted that a group of quality kitesurfers still gathered for the free two-day event on February 20 and 21.

“We have a number of state and national champions who live in our district and the guys who come here to compete on the weekends are always some of the best in Australia,” said Peter.

“We will still have competitors from all over Queensland and at this point from New South Wales and if we get the conditions right the crowd will have a really fun day and see some spectacular kiting.

“We also have a series of Queensland Beach Volleyball State titles returning this year.”

Peter said several Olympians will be among the 75 teams to compete for the beach volleyball titles.

Andrew Ward, the Windslasher event director and state kitesurfing title holder, said the festival will feature several forms of competition, including a freestyle event.

“The crowd loves the big jumps and some of the stylish tricks,” said Andrew.

“The best riders can show their stuff and really focus on their tricks rather than being pushed in a few minutes to do it all.”

However, he added that the festival will welcome competitors of all skill levels and is not just there to showcase top performers.

“We wanted everyone to be inclusive and not just the best runners,” he said.

“If we can do coaching as well, that will draw newcomers into the system and they can have fun and at the same time advance their driving and hopefully build our numbers.

“If you want to get started with kitesurfing, we have one of the best spots in Australia for that.

Peter said Windslasher 2021 is coordinated by the Apex Club Bundaberg and will support the business community in the Bundaberg region.

“There are no cover charges and all we ask is that the participants support the local businesses that will be here,” he said.

Peter said the event, which has drawn around 5,000 visitors in each of its previous years, will feature local crafts and food stalls, live music and a licensed bar and operate in accordance with COVID security requirements.

He said the Windslasher kitesurf festival at Elliott Heads was made possible with the support of Undertow Surf and Kite, Driftwood Café, APEX Club of Bundaberg, FNQ Security and Traffic Control and Burnett member Stephen Bennett.

The schedules of the events, the stands and the animations are not yet finalized. To keep up to date, visit the Windslasher Kitesurfing Festival and the Queensland Beach Volleyball Tour Facebook page and Facebook event page.

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