If! Malta’s premier skimboard instructor brings extreme sports and positive vibes to our shores


If you venture up to Għajn Tuffieħa any day of the week you will likely see it gliding across the surface of a breaking wave on an odd looking board and with the wind blowing its hair.

Patrick Renneberg is Malta’s premier skimboard instructor and his mission is to bring the sport of extreme surfing to the island with his free-spirited nature, complementary positive attitude and a whole lot of dudeee.

And before you start wondering what skimboarding is and if it’s right for you, see Patrick in action making his way through the shores of Għajn Tuffieħa…

Patrick not only offers skimboarding lessons for beginners, kids and more, but he has also decided to make skimboarding a hobby for all local wave chippers and is well on his way to making the first collection of skimboards. homemade in Malta.

“We decided to make our own skimboards because we wanted to make the sport more accessible to the inhabitants of the island,” he told Lovin Malta. “It can be quite difficult to have a good board here, but not anymore! “

Whether you’re in it to try something new, think it’s your next big thing, or just want a board because it looks cool, you have to check out this line of homemade skimboards.

While Patrick might be the dude with the vision for skimming, the boards are actually the product of Joerg Setzepfand – a local craftsman behind the JSBoards brand – who turned his garage into a gnarled skimboard haunt, and through testing and mistakes has succeeded in crafting the perfect boards for the waves of Malta.

And if that’s not impressive enough, the dynamic duo also make boards for people of all ages, genders and sizes so everyone can have a go at surfing the waves.

“The ambition is to develop the community on the island for fun on the beach,” continued Patrick.

For Patrick, skimboarding is more than his passion, it is a reflection of his lifestyle and his surfer character, with his positive and free-spirited attitude that infects all those around him on the beach, who ‘they choose to ski or not.

In reality, Skimboard School Malta is also planning to become a full time gig with the addition of yoga classes, meditation and more. You can even rent skimboards and balance boards.

Or you can just sit in awe, sunbathe in the glorious sunshine, while Patrick and his gang of skimmers rock waves this summer.

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