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A new series of blogs from S2AS, discussing what makes this iconic brand the “King of the Water!” »Founded in 1974, Jobe Sports International is a global company that manufactures exceptional products in a wide range of water sports!

Jobe wakeBOards

Jobe produces a wide range of wakeboards for all skill levels and styles. Made with ABS technology, the Jobe series offers great durability to help you get more out on the water and save money in the long run. You are looking for a Jobe package, contact us at S2AS for an offer on a wakeboard and binding package.

Jobe cable wakeboards

Jobe has 3 different cores built with high end technologies to give you the best experience possible.

Foam core: Traditional foam core for a lightweight and durable wakeboard, perfect for rolling behind the boat. Available in Maddox, Prolix, Vanity, Logo and Jinx

Wood core: The all-wood core allows for incredible flex and unmatched durability. Perfect for the cable yard or behind the boat. Available in Reload, Concord, Armada and pitch

Hybrid core: A combination of wood and foam. This style allows the board to retain its natural flex and is also extremely durable. It also allows for deeper channels to be integrated into the board, making it explosive in the wake and grippy in the cuts. Perfect for the boat and the cable. Available in the Knox and Conflict

Lightweight material designed to be extremely durable whether you’re hitting a rail or your boar rattling on the back of a boat. Below is an overview of some of the more premium Jobe wakeboards that we promote here at S2AS:

Jobe Wakeboards

You are looking for the perfect board for intermediate riders, to really improve your ride behind the boat. The Jobe logo has a light and playful feel thanks to its 3-step rocker and traditional foam core. Molded fins help maintain a sharp edge in the wake and feel truly responsive.

Perfect for beginners to intermediates and available in both men’s and women’s versions, the Jobe Vanity’s continuous rocker gives you a smooth, progressive cut in the wake, aided by molded fins to maintain your advantage until you exit the wake. With the traditional foam core of the Jobe Vanity, you provide a light feel with excellent pop out of the wake and a soft landing. Perfect behind the boat.

2019 Jobe Vanity Boat Wakeboard
2019 Jobe Vanity Boat Wakeboard

A foam core gives the Jobe Prolix a light and responsive feel, ideal for wake and aerial tricks. 2 channels and 4 removable fins allow you to maintain a sharp edge in the wake or obstacle or remove the 4 fins for a looser feel while hitting the rails and sliders. The wood veneer layer and high impact base material add rigidity to the wakeboard and add durability. This wakeboard is an incredible hybrid wakeboard perfect for both the boat and the cable.

Wakeboard Jobe Prolix
Jobe Prolix

Jobe also produces a premium model of the Prolix which comes with a prefect high endurance hitting base for hitting obstacles and a premium finish with a glossy holographic and metallic print finish and embossed metal detailing.

The Maddox is ideal for the boat operator who occasionally wants to do cable. Benefiting from a 3-stage rocker for an incredible wake boost. Molded channels and 4 removable fins help maintain an edge to the edge of the wake. Or remove the fins to roll in cable and still get a feeling of grip to tackle obstacles thanks to the channels.

The 2019 Jobe Knox features an aggressive 3-stage rocker combined with a wider center profile for explosive takeoff from the wake lip. 2 channels in the center of the board and a double concave in the center and a triple concave at the tip, a tail combined with 4 removable nylon fins means that the Jobe Knox maintains a sharp edge towards the lip until take off. Remove the fins to roll in cable and thanks to its unique shape the Knox will always have a good advantage to allow you to load obstacles. This board sinks effortlessly across the water, giving you a soft landing so you can really push your ride

Jobe Knox

Jobe Pitch features an all-wood core, making it the perfect wakeboard for ripping up rails and sliders. The high impact base and ABS sidewalls help this board to be extremely durable while the channels on either side of the board and the 2 additional channels at the tip and tail make this board incredibly performant in the water. Ideal for squeezing and tearing the wake park. This board is great for primarily cable riders, but add the fins and will work great behind the boat. A really great cross over board.

Jobe even produced a wakeboard for freestylers. Full wooden core, shallow sliding fin channels and hybrid rocker make the Jobe Armada the perfect wakeboard for ripping the wire. Not only is the Armada great for cable, but it can tear behind the boat holding a solid edge and exploding in the wake. Thanks to the striking base and ABS side walls, this wakeboard is extremely durable and perfect for any woman who wants to go boating and cable.

Jobe Armada

The Jobe Concord is a perfect wakeboard for the cable fitter who occasionally wants to go boating. The all-wood core offers incredible flex and durability while the wider outline provides a stable platform to press down on the rails and slider and help pull off that trick you’ve been trying for ages. Thanks to the hybrid rocker, the Jobe Concord maintains its speed in the water, whether you are heading towards an obstacle or the wake.

A larger wakeboard makes it easier to land tricks and this is really the case with the Jobe Reload 2019 wakeboard. Featuring an all-wood core and ABS sidewalls, this wakeboard is extremely durable, whether you load it up. wake or the cable park. The 2 channels that run down the outside of the board and the 3-stage rocker help this board hold an edge and explode in the wake. The Jobe Reload is perfect for the wakeboarder who wants to go cable and boating.

Jobe Reload

By far our most popular Jobe wakeboard here at S2AS year after year is the Jobe Conflict has a hybrid wood foam core for incredible flex, lightness and durability added by the use of the strike base and side walls in abs. The 3-stage rocker gives explosive power in the water and the wider contour allows for a smoother landing, which makes the Jobe Conflict incredible for both cable and boat. Channels through the base of the board provide incredible grip when you’re on your edge and help water flow freely under the board when it’s flat. Additional edge control can be achieved when riding a boat by adding the included fins.

Jobe Conflict Wakeboard
Jobe Conflict Wakeboard

Jobe wakeBOards Bindings

Jobe Nitro Bookbinding

Jobe Closed End Wakeboard Binding. The Nitro boots have an extremely comfortable lining and an ergonomic footbed to keep you rolling all day. The Jobe Nitro binding is perfect for both boat and cable mounting. Made with a double lace construction and Jobe’s unique lace lock, you can really tighten these bindings for an incredible fit and response

The Jobe Host 2019 is Jobe’s premium open-end binding designed to be shared. The open toe wakeboard binding accommodates a wide range of foot sizes while keeping your ankle and heel locked in position thanks to the ergonomic design of the wakeboard boots. The Jobe Host wake binding uses a Velcro strap system to speed up entry and exit while maximizing your time on the water.

Jobe Host 2019 Wakeboard Bindings (Black)
Bindings of Wakeboard Jobe Host 2019

Entry-level open-toe wakeboard bindings are the extremely comfortable Jobe Republik and locks your foot in place at the heel and ankle for optimal performance and response. Thanks to the open design of this Republik wakeboard binding, you can accommodate a wide range of foot sizes, making it perfect for sharing.

Jobe Conflict and Nitro Package

Looking for an amazing wakeboard binding that you can share with your friends. So look no further than the Jobe Unit 2019 wakeboard boots. Designed to lock your foot into heel and ankle position, the Jobe Unit can accommodate a wide range of foot sizes, making it an ideal binding for children whose feet are still growing or for people

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