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Take a look at the new Cabrinha X-Series front wings available from S2AS!

The rise of hybrid development and crossover technology is no more evident than in foil boarding. The hydrofoil has become the common denominator of all surf and wind sports today. Therefore, it is important to have a set of hydroelectric wings capable of crossing sports genres with flawless performance and capability. Enter Cabrinha’s X Series wings. The design of the X Series recognizes and exploits the most important features needed in all kinds of hydrofoil. Elevator, efficiency and control are the three pillars that drive the high performance and smooth ride X series.

Through a combination of contours and wing profiles, the X-Series provides smooth lift and stable flight with precise turns and control.

The X series & rsquo; efficiency is enhanced by the all-new Cabrinha Fusion mast and fuselage ecosystem. The Cab Fusion is a bottom-up redesign to remove any ‘play’ in the system while diffusing the connection between the wings and the fuselage. The resulting increased stiffness and reduced drag puts the X-Series wings in a whole new class of hydrofoils.

The X series is available in 4 sizes to cover an incredibly wide range of weights and uses. If you practice more than one sport, you will be sure that your entire foiling system will adapt to an astonishing level of performance for kiteboarding, wingsurfing, surfing and SUP!

* Each set includes: A Front fender and fender covers.

Wing characteristics:

– Soft and agile feel for superior handling
– Optimal efficiency and lift
– Integrated fuselage with taper adjustment
– Incredible torsional stiffness and minimal drag
– Construction entirely in prepreg carbon
– EPS core for superior strength to weight ratio
– Moderate anhedral for a more efficient lifting platform
– Forward profile for forgiving driving and predictable early lift

Sizing Specifications:

– X950: 950 cm ^ 2, WS 630mm, AR 4.2, Vol 1.18L
– X1300: 1300cm ^ 2, WS 780mm, AR 4.7, Vol 1.6L
– X1600: 1600cm ^ 2 WS 900mm, AR 5.05, Vol 2L
– X1950: 1950 cm ^ 2, WS 1000mm, AR 5.13, Vol 2.5L

Cabrinha Fusion X-Series front fenders



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