Kitesurfing ban could come to Ramara beaches


“It is a sport in full growth, and we understand it, but this spring especially, probably because of COVID, we were invaded by it”, explains the mayor

Ramara City Council is preparing to ban kitesurfing on township properties.

Council asked staff to create a bylaw prohibiting kitesurfers from disembarking on municipal beaches and road rights-of-way.

“It’s a growing sport, and we understand that, but this spring especially, probably because of COVID, we’ve been taken over by them. Many beaches south of us have been closed, ”said Mayor Basil Clarke.

He said it had been a problem for a few years, with locals complaining about kitesurfers in the area.

“They want to be able to use the beaches unhindered during these months,” he said.

The council considered restricting access to municipal beaches so that only locals could use them, but decided not to do so.

“Enforcement would be extremely difficult,” Clarke said, noting that parking is free at municipal beaches, so the township would not be able to provide passes to local residents.

The township has received a number of objections to the ban, and Clarke said it is possible that council may consider implementing a ban during a specific time – from Victoria Day weekend to weekend. -end of Labor Day, for example – “but the right direction is now a complete ban.

Council will discuss this again when the settlement is presented. It is not yet known when this will happen. The regulation is not on the agenda of the council on Monday.


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