Kitesurfing Can Be Dangerous For Beach Swimmers Opinion


On Saturdays and Sundays, even when there is only a moderate wind, you can count over 20 kitesurfers plying their boards right and left at a rapid pace, usually in the beach area between Oceana and Key Colony.

These surfers may or may not be residents of the village, but they have access to our beach through the entrance at the end of Sonesta Drive. They set up their camp there and occupy a significant portion of the sand as they park their kites on the sand until they are ready to go.

These kites are not tiny. Then they have to operate their kites. They do this on the shore, creating a nuisance for anyone walking the beach there. And this is more than a nuisance because due to inexperience or changing winds, the kite sometimes falls unexpectedly and may hit someone if that person is not careful.

By the way, the same situation occurs when the surfer comes out of the water and wants to park the kite on the sand.

A more dangerous situation occurs once the surfer is in the water. Protocol requires surfers to exit the shore as perpendicular to the shore as possible.

Not all surfers have the same skills; some are unable to successfully control the kite and the wind brings them close to the shore. And here you are swimming at the beach and you see this board coming towards you. These boards can move quite quickly

The weather is warming up and the number of people on our beach and in our waters will increase with the warmer weather. Bad things are then more likely to happen. In my opinion, our village council should reconsider its decision to allow kitesurfing on our beach.

We don’t want anyone to be hurt if it is preventable. The northern end of Crandon Park Beach is traditionally used by kitesurfers as there is no swimming or bathing in this area. It is for me a very viable alternative for kitesurfers.

-Julio J Diaz