National kitesurfing decor and c’ship

April 16, 2022 | 05:10 IST

National kitesurfing decor and c’ship

Team Herald

MANDREM: Reigning national kitesurfing champion Varun Narayanan was one of the first of ten kitesurfers to register at the end of the first day of registration for the inaugural National Kitesurfing and Ranking Championships held in Mandrem by the Premier Kiteboarding Association on Friday.

“I’m ready to keep my crown but the most important thing for me is to be able to enjoy my kite surfing. How I finish is secondary,” Varun said as he completed his registration.

“I’ve raced before, but this is my first national kitesurfing championship. I am thrilled with the experience I intend to gain from this championship,” said Keona Rajani from Parra, Goa who, at 18, is the youngest entrant.

“I come to Morjim to train with my parents when I get the chance. The pandemic has made it difficult to come to training. However, kite surfing gives me a thrill that makes me overcome obstacles,” Keona said as she rushed to the beach to swim.

“It’s good that the organizers have left a window open for foreigners to participate to add spice to the championship. I have been training kite surfing and windsurfing for 22 years in Goa and I am here to see at how competitive my trainees are,” revealed Ulli, 62, from Europe.