Photos: Shokr promotes tourism in Egypt with kitesurfing

As you stroll along the beaches of Dahab city in South Sinai, you will always notice dozens of people practicing a sport known as kitesurfing.

This requires putting on a belt connected to a kite by lines with an average length of 20 meters controlled using the kite band, as well as a wooden board attached to the foot, where the force wind is used to pull surfers across the water, between whom was 32-year-old Shokr Ahmed.

Shokr, the international certified kitesurfing coach, started the sport since he was 16 years old, with a love for mastering water sports, such as water skiing, sailing and kitesurfing. “I decided that I would develop there at later stages,” he said.

In the early hours of the morning, Shokr, a law school graduate, wakes up to start practicing the modern sport of kitesurfing in Egypt, as he said.

He added that “the morning time is better for drafts” which helps him to play, adding: “on days when there is no draft, there are theoretical exercises for students.

The sport of kitesurfing began in the early 70s of the last century by two French surfers, and the shape of the kite evolved in the early 80s, until it reached the current shape, according to Shokr, who believes that kitesurfing is not widely practiced. widespread in Egypt, as it lacks support and marketing.

He says: “Learning this sport does not require good physical condition. The trainee does not need good arm strength, as he is attached to the kite from his waist by a belt and only uses his arms to maneuver the kite which does not require great strength.

Regarding the appropriate age to practice the sport, Shokr explained that 8 years old is the best age to start learning kitesurfing, noting that his dream is to help spread the sport and break the barrier of fear among people. , and to attract tourists from all over the world to practice it in Egypt.

“It’s very interesting, feeling like you’re walking on water or flying through the air is a feeling that I wish for all visitors to Dahab,” he said.