Prospect Skis, Snowboards and Wakeboards adds skis to the range for 16/17



For those who haven’t heard of or seen Prospect Snowboards, wakeboards or skis. We design, shape, manufacture and manufacture our boards and skis in-house from A to Z. From building wood cores to printing artwork and lamination via our industrial press, Prospect does it. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are craftsmen who sleep and breathe while skiing and surfing.

The crafting process is heavy on the skill and craft hands. Prospect uses industry specialist materials, professional construction techniques and industrial specification machinery. However, it is the skillful hand of the “craftsman” who owns the art form of building boards and skis. The craftsman understands the feel of each wood species in the kernel and how it translates into the driving character of the final product. The craftsman understands that the intricacies of shaping can always be more and more settled. The craftsman understands that building skis and boards is never mastered because there is always room for improvement. This is embodied in every snowboard, wake and ski built at Prospect. We are a balance between rider, maker and artist. This balance brings quality craftsmanship with a feeling of performance.

We don’t relay product testing from runners to accounting to make sure it will meet profit margins, we don’t submit designs to the sales team for focus group testing, and we don’t complicate not our process with fancy marketing terms. . Instead, we get direct feedback from riders for development, we put our best shapes and materials on all of our products, and design from the angle that we eat, sleep and breathe skiing and surfing. The set should sum up a shape, camber and set of materials that are best created by the rider and the skier. Building skis and snowboards is not an easy process. But just like taking the hardest line in the mountains, this is the challenge that fascinates us for construction.


Real Fakin ‘Technology throws out the window of overrated technology, descriptions forged by words and marketing terms. The Prospect team is committed to transparency. We are upfront and want you to know the real materials going into your equipment as we see from the supplier themselves.

Our new Frequency core uses 3 nationally sourced wood species: maple for strength and feel, aspen for lightness and smoothness, and poplar for stability and pop. The 3 woods all carry a unique harmonic vibration that effectively cancels out bumps and chatter on the slope. This triple set of wood is also designed to achieve the best strength-to-weight ratio and the best pop / flex performance.

Our new Triple-damped reinforced sidewall uses begin with a sintered sidewall which is tank resistant and super abrasion resistant. The military uses this low abrasion slip material on aircraft carrier cable systems that catch incoming jets for landing. Then we wrap the inside, top and bottom with our tape to create a super strong and durable bond to prevent delamination and eliminate impact.

Direct compression molded Pressing is a new technique that we are using at the factory to build a stronger board. We now precisely cut our CNC molds so that they perfectly fit the board or ski laminated inside. It’s geekery engineering. Other companies use presses that use a series of pads and trackers to achieve even pressure when pressing their boards. Our direct compression creates super even pressure to create a stronger board or ski.

More materials of national origin and reliable.

Wood core – Lumber from Wisconsin – New London, WI

A glass – Vectorply Phenix City, Alabama

Basalt – Our secret supplier Pulheim Germany

Top sheet – IsoSport Eisenstadt Austria

Based – IsoSport Eisenstadt Austria and Crown Plastics Harrison, OH

Edges – CD Waelzholz Cleveland OH

Epoxy – Huntsman Adhesives Denver, CO

VDS – Ask Industries Nagano Japan


The new 16/17 range is completely reinvented. We bring superior performance, new technology and new ideas to the gear you ride. The biggest (and apparently controversial) addition to the 16/17 lineup are hugely impressive skis. For some riders, ski, snowboard and wakeboard businesses shouldn’t mix for fear of having 3-armed babies. The reality is that wakeboarding can take notes from snowboarding (and does), skiing can take notes from wakeboarding, snowboarding can take notes from wakeboarding, or any combination. All three share driving characteristics that can benefit each other. Building on one discipline is narrow thinking and restricts actual development. Prospect, which supports free and innovative thinking, has created a comprehensive range that will create new avenues for improvement and performance.

Model 349 – Our huge new entry Bang For the buck uses great technology with flex, pop and durability tuned for park riding.

Park and Pow – Off the beaten track, a uniquely shaped twin makes an excellent park board with a “choptail” floating in the powder for the extra imaginative rider.

Basic custom – Our hands on, build it as you wish, primo material, high performance board that puts you in the spirit of the craftsman

Park Slayer skis – Our new True Twin design with an 88m waistline designed to take hits and go big.

Mountain Slayer Skis – All new, everywhere the goodness of the mountain will follow you in faithful performance.


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