The worst kitesurfing accidents recorded on tape


Wipeouts and kitesurfing accidents are more common than you might think. Although it is considered to be a relatively safe sport, you must follow all the rules and safety instructions. Otherwise, there will be blood.

Would you like to learn to kitesurf?

The most important tip is to pay a qualified kite instructor to teach you the basic lessons: self-rescue, wind window, cloud formation, and wind scales.

Kitesurfing companies are developing new safety systems so that riders can easily detach from the kite in the event of a problem.

Sudden gusts of wind can knock you out onto the tarmac in seconds. Therefore, no risk Should be taken.

Many kitesurfers have lost their lives. Others were seriously injured.

Fortunately, the vast majority of kite accidents have resulted in minor bruises, fractured ribs, and head points.

Wind can quickly cause a kite to lose control. When this happens, inexperienced kitesurfers are the first to be injured.

Getting launched into the air before colliding with landmarks, buildings, and parking lots is just the start.

Let’s get started. Erik Eck floats like a tea bag in the sky. Incredibly, he was not injured:

An abnormal accident in Florida during the 2008 hurricane season:

A loop has gone wrong, and Eric Rienstra dives into the water:

Cursor failure, transparent ramps and unidentified kites:

In Denmark, a big air ends in big blood:

Hard landings, weird erasures, and body trails:

White waterfalls, kite foil madness and rocky hits. Sunset waterfalls, impossible tunes and innovative facial plants.

Kitesurfing in the trees, uncontrolled spins and camera crashes. Big wave wipeouts, speed carnage and freestyle mayhem:


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