TMZ: Kim Kardashian is wakeboarding in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.


Idaho is a fast growing state. Sometimes it feels like half of California just moved here.

But when it comes to celebrity watching, we are hopelessly and surely a small town. (I’m pretty sure I heard screams on social media when Rebecca “Friday” Black visited Sun Valley last year.)

So when TMZ reports that “Kim Kardashian is wiping out wakeboarding in Idaho”?

Stop. The. Presses.


On Tuesday, the entertainment website posted photos and video of Kardashian enjoying water recreation during a “long vacation weekend in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.”

It is not the first time. TMZ reported in 2018 that Kardashian tried wakesurfing on Lac Coeur d’Alene. That’s when TMZ – noting all famous visitors – called Idaho “the New North Hollywood”.

This new Kardashian post includes footage of her descending in the splash – but also getting up and successfully navigating the water. There is also a photo gallery showing Kourtney Kardashian, Pink, Diplo and other celebrities riding the waves, although it is not known when and where these photos were taken.

“You can see Kim getting instructions on the fly…” reports TMZ, “and she finally paid the price with a gnarly wipeout after the waves got a little too bumpy for her balance to handle.

“It took a few tries, but eventually Kim stands up… and, not only that, she finally found the courage to let go of the rope and ride a wave. She raised her arms in the air in celebration.

The natives of Idaho raise their arms in exasperation.

Our little state doesn’t need that kind of TMZ advertising, right?

Too bad, friends. There’s also a video of two of the Kardashian kids, Saint and Chicago, tobogganing in Wayne Gretzky’s house, according to TMZ. (The Grand has a place in northern Idaho? Mignon.)

The wealthy people chilling out in the Coeur d’Alene area is not really breathtaking. It is a seaside resort. Sun Valley is another celebrity hotspot.

But let’s face it, Boise. What if the Kardashians Aquatic Tour made it to Roaring Springs in Meridian? It’s the Idaho Statesman news on the front page. Above the fold.

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