Want to try kitesurfing? Here are the best spots!


Hardly anything can match the experience of freedom you will experience as you harness the power of the wind and soar over beautifully sparkling water before being lifted into the air as you kitesurf. Flat water, waves, dreamy beaches, warm climates, perfect wind conditions and, of course, picturesque landscapes all come together to form the perfect destination for kitesurfing, and here we take a look at some of the best places in the world. world for kitesurfing. Whether you are a complete novice who learn kitesurfing for the first time, or an experienced pro, you will find a place on this list that suits you perfectly.

Spain – Tarifa

You could say that Tarifa is the number one kitesurfing destination in Europe, and for good reason. On the southernmost point of Spain, this resort is perfect for experienced and beginner kitesurfers thanks to its warm water and constant winds. Then you can enjoy the delicious Mediterranean cuisine and the vibrant nightlife. Tarifa is the wind capital of Europe, with the Levante – a strong, warm wind that comes from the Mediterranean through the Strait of Gibraltar – ensuring ideal conditions for kitesurfing and breaking waves.

Sri Lanka – Kalpitiya

On the northwest coast of Sri Lanka, two hours north of the capital Colombo, Kalpitiya It might not be a popular tourist resort, but its warm, tropical water and reliable winds make it a hotspot for kitesurfers. A long, narrow sandbar separates Kalpitiya Lagoon from the Indian Ocean, making it the best place to try kitesurfing for the very first time. The lagoon is shallow and has flat water, yet is long and wide enough to accommodate novice riders. Once you’re ready to go deeper, head out into the ocean itself to enjoy crashing waves, clear water, and reliable winds ashore. If you’ve always dreamed of surfing with dolphins, Kalpitiya is the perfect place to do it, with large pods often coming ashore.

Morocco – Essaouira

Every surfer has Morocco on their list, and now kitesurfers have recognized that they can enjoy world-class winds and waves here too. Essaouira is located on the Atlantic coast of central Morocco and is one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world. The city itself has a fantastic infrastructure but without losing any of its traditional and authentic charm. During this time, its bay is protected from the strongest winds thanks to the island of Mogador. There is a huge sandy beach and the waves are long and gentle, making them ideal for beginners,

The Philippines – Boracay

Boracay’s white sand shores are hard to beat, but with its flat water and reliable winds along with its fantastic tropical climate, it’s also a great place for novice kitesurfers. The main kite spot on Boracay Island is Bulabog Beach, which has a beautiful lagoon protected by the reef, ensuring stable winds and calm waters.

Dominican Republic – Cabarete

The Dominican Republic is an exceptionally geographically diverse island, and its northern shore enjoys windy conditions year round. The windiest and longest beach the island has to offer is Cabaret, and here there are plenty of opportunities for kitesurfing on two different beaches. Beginners should head to Cabarete Kite Beach where there is plenty of room, while the offshore reef is perfect for more advanced riders thanks to the bigger swells and breaking waves.

Tanzania – Zanzibar

If you thought Zanzibar was only good for a safari vacation, now is the time to think again! This beautiful African island has crystal clear waters which are perfect for kitesurfing, especially on the southeastern coast of the island thanks to the barrier reef that stretches the entire length of the coastline. Paje is a world class spot for kitesurfers with flat water lagoons and constant cross winds. It’s not very touristy either, so its palm-fringed sandy beaches are virtually untouched.

Vietnam -Mui Ne

Take a four-hour drive north of Ho Chi Minh City and you’ll reach the palm-fringed sandy beaches of Mui Ne. This kitesurfing spot is one of the best in Asia and the long beach offers plenty of space for everyone. About 230 days a year, Mui Ne enjoys winds of 12 knots or more. This makes morning kitesurfing ideal for beginners, while more experienced riders can go in the afternoon.

Brazil – Cumbuco

Brazil’s Fortaleza region is one of the best kitesurfing destinations in the world, and Cumbuco is the Brazilian kite capital thanks to its year-round sun and cross winds. The flat water lagoon is shallow making it perfect for beginners, but experienced kiters will love going deeper into the crashing waves. The best kitesurfing spot in Cumbuco is Cauipe Lagoon. Beginners are welcome in the southern part of the lagoon, but in the north, the pros come to challenge each other.

Spain – Fuerteventura

The name ‘Fuerteventura’ actually means ‘strong winds’, so it’s no surprise that this Canary Island is a kitesurfing hotspot. Sotavento, on the south-eastern coast of the island, is an ideal beach for beginners, offering both choppy and flat water, so it is also suitable for advanced riders. Meanwhile, Flag Beach in Corralejo is good for beginners due to the gentle winds and flat water as well as the sandy bottom of the protected bay that ensures easy entry and launch.

Mexico – La Ventana

Just half an hour south of La Paz, La Ventana is sometimes referred to as Mexico’s Tarifa. This small coastal town has excellent winds and warm turquoise waters. The beach is wide and never crowded, while its easy launch and side winds on land make it ideal for beginners and experienced riders alike.

Start kitesurfing in the best destinations in the world

Whether you are a complete beginner in the sport of kitesurfing or are already converted to this fun activity, these spots are some of the best in the world to enjoy your favorite hobby. Whether you want to travel to Asia, Europe or the Americas, this list will find the perfect location for you to swim, enjoy the beautiful weather, and have fun doing what you love the most. .